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The power and capabilities of the enterprise

Currently, the company achieved performance in the volume of 8000 m3 of sawn timber per month (including 5,000 m3 of drying chamber passed). Installed in the company production equipment (made in Italy, Germany and Finland) allows to increase the production of sawn in half.

Power line sorting of raw materials (produced by «HEKOTEK» Sweden) is about 40,000 m3 / month of round timber. The presence of 42 pockets allows sorting by species and diameter with a predetermined gradation.

Power drying complex (manufactured by «MUHLBOCK / VANICEK» Austria) allows drying at the same time about 2,000 m3 of sawn timber.

Technical equipment loading area allows for the shipment of finished products in the amount of approximately 100 rail cars per month and 100 containers. Thus, sending customers to provide the total volume of production.

For the production of products with a higher degree of processing within the enterprise has equipment (manufactured by «WEINIG» Germany) for the production of planed (molded) product. Performance management moldings is about 500 m3 of finished products per month.

The capacity of raw materials warehouse for storage off-season reserve is about 80,000 m3 and 25,000 m3 whips assortments.

All movements of raw materials and finished products to ensure the production of special equipment manufacturing firms «JHON DEERE» (USA), «DOOSAN» (Korea), «SENEBOGEN» (Germany).

Manufacturing process

Video - November 2013

Video - July 2016