Company "ORION" is the official owner of the trademark BaikalWood.

The company is located in Vihorevka town, on the basis of the former "Vihorevsky woodworking plant" (Vihorevsky MLC). This is a modern woodworking enterprise built on the principle of non-waste technology with complex use of raw materials and receiving products that are in high demand in the domestic and foreign market.

In addition to economic factors, this project provides a further development of the forest industry in the direction of increasing the depth of processing of wood and sales for export and the domestic market of products with a higher degree of processing. This trend coincides with the development of the Concept of development of timber industry complex of Russia, adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Organization of production of the company provides the functional, technological and operational division of labor. Accepted technological division of labor sites, workshops and operations, depending on the process to minimize the use of manual labor, and requires participation in the production of skilled workers.


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